Happy New (Barbecue) Year

In my last post, I said that I was back for more barbecue blog. That was a lie.

The main reason is that I coincidentally started a new job in October working on some military program to counter extremist media. Working on the blog is actually eerily similar in many ways (i.e. the writing, editing and fiddling with pictures). That’s other than the subject matter of course, which involves a lot of wanton death and destruction.

To make things worse (or better, arguably), I work from home three days a week now. Unfortunately, that means I’m less inclined to write at home for fun now.

Barbecuing has been continuing, however. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I made New York Strip and prime rib roasts, respectively. Turns out it’s not as hard as I thought. I didn’t really get all that many pictures though, with the sun setting at like 5 p.m.

The other big news is that I finally achieved my dream of finding reasonably priced USDA prime grade brisket, conveniently at Costco. Hopefully they’ll keep stocking it. The last time checked — earlier this month — Costco still had a few in stock.

An Asian guy slices some USDA prime brisket.
Dreams achieved. Time to go home.

The difference between prime and choice, the next lower grade that I’ve been using over the past few years choice, is really night and day. The sheer amount of juices that are rendered out during the cooking process is absurd. It’s almost cheating.

USDA prime brisket sits on a table.
Brisket sits on a table.

Meanwhile, the steak technique has been pretty much refined down to a science. It hasn’t changed all that much — I got an elevated grill platform that enables the heat spread more evenly. While the steaks cook on indirect heat, I leave a pan over the coals to get really hot. This allows me to flash sear the outside of the steaks when the inside is done. I’ll get around to doing a post on that (though I’ve been known to lie).

A steak is seared in a pan.
Grilling in the park for Jennifer’s birthday.

<h4>Goodbye, 2017</h4>

So that wraps up this year. Despite my lack of posts in the second half of the year, I managed to cover some decent ground barbecue-wise overall.

From January until now, the types of meat that I’ve barbecued have included: cha siu, kabob koobideh, pork chops, St. Louis pork ribs, chicken wings, ribeye steaks, New York strip steaks, chicken kabobs, beer brats, pork loin roast, chimmichuri flank steak, fajita skirt steak, USDA choice brisket, USDA prime brisket, chicken lollipops, baby back pork ribs, chicken wings, miscellaneous burgers, New York strip roast and prime rib.

A ribeye roast sits on an elevated grill.
5/200 total pounds of meat cooked this year.

And that’s not including all the random chicken breasts and thighs or corn that made their way to the grill.

A rough estimate (and I actually made an attempt at counting this out) of the total weight of the above listed meats is just a little over 200 pounds. I’ll have to keep better track this year in terms of accounting.


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