Relearning Photog-rib-phy

So I uh… took a small hiatus from making posts, but I promise that I’ve been working on stuff for the blog. I will intersperse updates with pictures of pork ribs that I made when Ariel came to visit from New York a while back. (It’s okay because I’ve had posts about ribs like three times now). I made her take the pictures because she does this stuff for a living and is good at it. 


Used a standard salt and pepper and a brown sugar rub.


This blog was originally meant to be more of a meat diary — basically to keep track of my progress in barbecuing and such. Eventually, my friends found out and it just became standard to try to come up with the worst possible meat puns. The next logical evolution of this blog is to make it more accessible to internet strangers (while still amusing my friends, hopefully.) Part of the issue is that I tend to make a lot of the same kind of meat so it’s probably getting pretty repetitive at this point.


225 degrees @ 5 hours. Brushed with sauce and seared.

To that end, I think I’ll try to focus more on posts on actual recipes and techniques, though I’d like to keep making some posts in my previous style.


As part of the natural evolution of the blog, I’ve been gradually trying to increase my photography skills — which should be pretty evident if you go back far enough. There was actually a period of time where I worked in film and photography in Taiwan before the CIA made me come back to the United States (true story). Unfortunately, I managed to completely forget everything I learned over the years. The agency wasn’t involved in that, mostly.

BBQ mobile in the back.

In the past month I’ve been trying to relearn everything — turns out food photography can be pretty nuanced. I also got some studio equipment set up to our living room with lights and umbrellas. Stuart and I built a relatively large diffuser with PVC conduit and grommets. That’s mostly to my roommate’s chagrin, though I’ve promised that we’re going to take the most epic green-screen Tinder photos ever.

Hi sister Juanne and Minji.

I also have a few posts saved up. I’ve been working on some for the equipment that I use — complete with Amazon affiliate links — and some more technique-related things. I also have pictures ready for recipes of lamb chops and salmon. I have a working list of recipes that I would like to work on, but let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to see.

Mitchell’s crotch, meat.

More recently, I react to cold weather pretty badly, so I’ve been avoiding longer cooks and more traditional barbecue (i.e. the ones that take like 8 hours). I think I’ve recovered from the initial shock of the recent fall weather; my desire to cook more stuff is gradually overcoming my weird natural response to lack of sunlight.

Anyways, we’ll see how things go. As I continue working on this, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to do everything alone. In this case, everything includes prepping, cooking, taking pictures of the food, editing said pictures, writing and editing a post, trying to manage social media stuff and taking pictures for the Instagram. I mean, this list alone makes me not want to do anything.

In the words of the Asian guy’s dad in Aziz Ansari’s Master of None: “It was hard.”

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