I Made a Salad (And I Liked It)

Well, mostly. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to Nick’s annual pig roast on his family farm over in the Shenandoah area – this was my third in as many years. Nick is the boss of one of my former coworkers back when I was interning (i.e. masquerading) as a defense IT reporter.

I had briefly considered making a packer brisket to bring along with me, but the logistics of it were a bit complicated. I also needed to sleep at some point. One potential plan I had considered involved me bringing my grill with me. Instead, I opted to make a watermelon fruit salad.

I hope no one has typophobia.

I spent about 40 minutes scooping out all the watermelon with a tablespoon. I then dumped it all back in with some blueberries, blackberries and cranberries. I cut the sides to make it look nice and to prove my superior 2nd grade arts-and-crafts skills.

No assembly required.

Nick’s farm is located close to Luray, a small town in Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. It is pretty. It was also slightly more temperate than the weather in the DMV area, which was so oppressive you’d think Kim Jong Un was running it.

You can literally smell freedom.

I’ve never cooked an entire pig, but I imagine it is largely similar to other barbecue techniques. From what I gathered, Nick started around 4:30 a.m. and pulled it a bit after 5:00 p.m. The pig itself weighed between 100 and 120 lbs.

Barbecue Master Nick.

The barbeque pit, which in this case was actually a pit, consisted of a rectangle built with cinderblocks with what looked like a wire rack placed midway through. A piece of plywood covered the top. You can see it hiding in the back in the previous picture.

The latest in glove fashion. 

The meat looked like it came off in chunks pretty easily . Nick then chopped it up and doused it with some sauce.

Chop chop chop.

Not pictured: a dozen sides, including the watermelon thing I made. There were two very sizable slow-cookers with mac and cheese and baked beans.

Modeled by Mark (TM)

In my excitement to eat stuff, I forgot to take a plated picture. That ended up being my excuse for my completely unnecessary second plate of food. I paid for it by being uncomfortably full for several subsequent hours (and the next day).

In other news, I think the apartment got rid of the picnic table that we usually use. This leaves me with one table with four chairs, in addition to my folding table and another four chairs. Maybe I can asked them to get another table somehow.



  1. LOLOLOLOL “It was also slightly more temperate than the weather in the DMV area, which was so oppressive you’d think Kim Jong Un was running it.”

    I’m constantly amazed by Texans, since their version of typical BBQ (beef brisket) and North Carolinians’ version of typical BBQ (pulled pork) are so different. Joey, we need to do a pig-pickin’ some time soon – I’ll take care of the hushpuppies and I’ll help with the pork!

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