Brisket Jones’s Diary

Good god, I’m behind on posts. We’ll just pretend like the following events happened a week ago (it was really like three weeks ago) and that I never procrastinate at all.

Anyways, on one particular weekend (that was not at all last month), I thought I’d check out a butcher shop a few miles away from me called “Let’s Meat on the Avenue.”


It was a cool little shop with fancy stuff that I’m not particularly familiar with. Can I smoke rabbit leg quarters?  I wasn’t too sure what to get so I ended up asking the nice gentleman for about five pounds of brisket. He was kind enough to trim it for me as well. I also asked about beef short ribs on the bone — I’d have to order that in advance.

I pretty much immediately started on the meat when I got home. It was already around 12ish and I was expecting at least several hours of cooking.


Went with a Texas-style Dalmatian rub again — just salt and pepper. You can see in this picture that there’s a bit of point left on top. The butcher trimmed a bit of fat from the corner as well.


As per my previous experience with the ribs I made a few months ago, I’ve found that the three inch elevation change can significantly affect your temperature. I estimate that from the top of the overturned oven rack you see here to actually grill height there can be close to a 50 degree temperature difference, just based on what I was seeing last time. I used two pieces of wood to keep the rack steady. The temperature sat at a nice 275 degrees for most of the time.

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I wrapped the meat around 170ish degrees. The internal temp increased pretty rapidly after that. The brisket actually ended reaching 203 a bit sooner than I expected, around 5 or 6ish. I wrapped in in a shirt and threw it into a cooler to sit for an hour or two. It actually probably could have waited even longer, but people were getting hungry.


The meat is upside down in this picture. The bark on the bottom was moist from being wrapped. I’m not quite clear on how tightly packed I should make it. I may try butcher paper sometime.


A nice look at the flat. I probably should have lopped off the point and cut it separately. Clearly need to up my knife skills.


Especially since the grain runs in a different direction for that part of the meat. Been secretly using Stubbs because I haven’t had the time to figure out how to make a sauce yet.

Overall meat quality was good; I don’t think it was bad considering it was my first time and the janky-ass set up I had. I’ll have to figure out if there’s anyway to get the flat more moist, and barring that, cut it into thinner slices.

I’m planning on smoking an entire flat for this weekend; I got some meat from CostCo and it’s sitting the fridge right now. I’ve also ordered some new supplies that will hopefully make things easier: a new box, food handling gloves, new mitts, a spray bottle and new wood (oak, again). I’ve been eyeing a nice carving knife for some time now — I don’t know if I can hold out for much longer.

Jennifer eating pretzel bits with a spoon.



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