Pleasing the Steakholders

This post is incredibly late, but a few weeks ago I opted to make steaks rather than actual barbecue. Things have been pretty busy lately. I might have also procrastinated because I was less than impressed than the quality of the pictures I took.


Grabbed some New York strip steaks from Giant cause I’m fancy. I had intended to run to Trader Joe’s to get their ribeyes since they’re pretty cheap. But I ran out of time again. I went with the old family recipe of using lemon pepper. It might be considered blasphemy by some traditionalists, but lemon pepper is great. Stuart and Elena also brought over a giant chuck of meat for me to grill (maybe a flank steak? Or a tritip?)IMGP2263

This steak also allowed me to use a bunch of the coals that have been left over from previous cooks. They’ve been sitting around in plastic bags for quite a while now.


The apartment I live at has been building this deck thing in the back for some reason. I say that because I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who goes back here with any regularity. So I guess they really just built this deck for me. Thanks guys.IMGP2280

That’s me futilely attempting to check the temperature with a dual probe. Each side only really got about 2 minutes and 30 seconds of direct heat. I ended up getting a new thermometer the next day that I had ordered from Amazon. I haven’t quite gotten down the feel of how cooked the meat is. I have a rough idea, but I think I just haven’t done it enough.


Not really a lot to say here. Oh wait, I miss Ariel and she should move back.


Giant piece of meat. Elena and Stuart made healthy looking tacos.

Speaking of Giant, I still need to check out some different butcher shops. Overall, I’ve found the meat quality to just be very average. I might actually go to one over in Alexandria today.



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