An Explosive Deal


Picked up three of these a few says ago at Home Depot. They’re currently on sale for less than 10 dollars per double-pack (5 dollars each bag), so half of the usual cost. This should last me until the end of the year, if not longer.

Hopefully I don’t get rear-ended anytime soon — I’m pretty sure my trunk would actually explode.

I briefly considered getting a bag of lump charcoal instead of a pack of briquettes. I heard they have a better flavor but can be more finicky in terms of temperature control. There was also a brand called Embers that sells normally for about 5-6 dollars a bag. Maybe when I run out of this batch I’ll give that one a try. There isn’t too much information on it.

I’m actually still sitting on a lot of leftover coals since I’ve been resetting the grill after each cook. I’ll have to use them to make some steaks.

I barbecued three pork ribs today — post will probably come in a few days.

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